Website Design and Development

Web designers and web developers alike have both shared the same struggle over the last decade. How to design for the user and for the search engines. We hear it all the time; “I want a website to generate a lot of traffic, but it also has to look good and convert well too.” You also might add “…and it needs to be inexpensive too.”

We hear you!

If you’ve spoken to any other web development firms, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Are you cognoscente of what your audience wants? Most web designers continually struggle to keep up with their targeted visitors. Consumer behavior is rapidly changing faster as time goes on. No one wants to be “sold to” with sales pitches, limited selections, or being told when they can or can’t shop. Everyone lives in an online world where they have become “on-demand”. People are most are a lot busier than they used to be. This means that your website needs to quickly address the objections of your visitor in addition to looking good. Your visitors are often short on time, and that means that they prefer simple websites. They want ease of use. No problem.

Functional Website Design That Converts, We’re All About That

Our experience in web design and development actually started out because of our expertise and years of experience in the online marketing and SEO world. Most people think that they have to give up either a great looking website or a great search engine ranking of the website for the other. The truth is that your website design and development should work hand-in-hand with your online marketing and conversion capabilities as well as compliment your search engine rankings. Why do you have to give up one for the other?! That’s just silly thinking.

But website conversion matters, right?! You bet! You can rank really well for some amazing terms. We could potentially drive tens of thousands of visitors to your website because of those high rankings, but if no one follows the conversion funnel and either buys a product, fills out the form, or picks up the phone to call you, then did you really win with those thousands of website visitors? Chances are that you did not. Your web design has to mean something. Excellent content without a great way to display it ends up being just plain content. The point is that your website design will make or break your success. You should pay attention to both sides.

Websites That Convert With the Latest Technology; i.e. Responsive Design

It’s the theme and question of the year. “Will you design a website for me that is responsive to mobile devices?” You’ll love the fact that ALL of our websites are developed with this amazing technology. In fact, according to a recent update from the Google Webmaster Tools blog, having responsive design will increase the chances for better rankings. If you want your website to looks it’s best on mobile devices including but not limited to iPhones, Androids, Windows phones and tablets, then we have your back.

Website Design K.I.S.S.

We all know that K.I.S.S. means “keep it simple stupid”. We like to keep things simple. Web design and development doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. Fortunately for you, our prices will show you the same thing.

We found through lots of trial and experience that having a set order of processes is the easiest way to accomplish your goals in website design the fastest. Making sure that we understand and see your vision of a turnkey website starts with a simple questionnaire that we’ve laid out for you. You can find that website quote questionnaire here.

We Want to Talk to You

Marketably understands web design/development for businesses. Whether you need to integrate Payment Portals, host E-commerce and setup products for sale, encourage Lead Generation, or just promote your business with informative details, Marketably can take your idea from concept to a working reality.

Get in touch to let us know the particulars of your web development and design project, we’ll tell you what it will take to execute it the right way. We are happy to provide fresh design tips for optimum usability, proven search engine optimization tactics, first-rate ecommerce recommendations or a solution to any website question. Go ahead, reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.