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Using Quotes for Better User Engagement

There is no denying that experts quote (and, if not more so, random quotes) are insanely popular on social media, especially on Twitter, where a single quote will be passed around thousands of times. It is seen constantly and includes motivational quotes to kickstart the day or the week, to song lyrics that express a complex emotion flawlessly.

Quotes are such a fantastic form of engagement, and a great way to increase your visibility on social platforms. Why? Put quite simply, because they are relatable.  So, how can you start to really take advantage of this tool? There are a few ways.

#1. Find The Best Quotes To Share

Occasionally, you may randomly encounter a great quote from one of your favorite blogs, or a video interview, and you should feel free to share those. But when you are actually going hunting for quotes to add to your arsenal, it is good to have more than one reliable source on hand.

  1. Goodreads
  2. Quotery
  3. Brainy Quote

Both of the latter options offer reliable original sources, and have an extensive database. Brainy Quote even has a Quote Of The Day feature that gives you a beautiful visual graphic with random quotes. (Nifty, eh?) Which brings me to…

#2. Create Visual Quotes

Visual quotes are even more shareable than text ones, and as a rule you should try and create more of them. Luckily they aren’t that hard to make, especially if you have a little knowhow on tools like Photoshop or GIMP or PicMonkey.

If not, you can turn to generators like Recite (for simple graphics with a watermark), or Pixteller(for slightly more advanced). Or there are some fantastic app options, if you prefer working from your smart phone. There are several apps, so some research is required to see which app will work best for you.

The first is great for straight quotes that are placed against basic backgrounds like a piece of paper and pen. They might have little frills, and are quite popular in particular with older social media users. The second puts the quote against a more visually stimulating backdrop, like the type you might see on Tumblr, or even PostSecret. Obviously, those are very big with the younger crowd.

If you want to start making different kinds of graphics that use visual quotes (for example, I love infographics), check out Canva. Having absolutely zero graphic design talent or knowledge myself, I am a huge fan of this graphics generator. It is super simple to use, and offers a ton of great templates to choose from.

#3. Try Some Fake Quotes

Have you seen those posts floating around that show Albert Einstein quoting Lil Wayne lyrics, or George Washington telling you not to believe everything you see on the internet? Fake quotes are a lot of fun, and they are easy to share on social media.

Technically, you don’t need any resources for this one. You can make up your own (but you should take a little extra care to make it quite obvious that it is fake), and post them. This would make you the original source, and increase your visibility.

But, there are some good places to get those fake quotes if you want them.

  1. Fake Quotes From Famous People is a great Tumblr page, but keep in mind that it hasn’t been updated in a year. Thankfully, there are eight pages of fake quotes to look through. A tag search on Tumblr for fake quotes will yield plenty more on the social site, as well.
  2. Definitely Real Quotes is a fake quotes site created by John Olive in an effort to shame politicians during a slightly more ridiculous than usual US presidential caucus. It auto generates some laughable visual quotes for you (and your followers’) enjoyment.
  3. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddah is another one that takes you down a more spiritual road. It is a collection of fake quotes attributed to the spiritual leader, and some of them are quite funny. At the very least, it is a conversation starter.

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